please note, our clinic only offers Botox for the treatment of Hyperhidrosis, however the following is a list of other treatment options on the market.

Topical hyperhidrosis treatments

Most antiperspirants contain a form of Aluminum Chloride.   This can help control mild amounts of sweating.   Although they can reduce the amount of sweating, it may not be enough to get you to a score of "1" on the Hyperhidrosis Severity Scale (never noticeable and never interferes with my daily activities).   Higher strength forms of these topicals can also be used but there is potential for uncomfortable irritation.   These preparations are sold over the counter and Sweat Clinic of Canada will have its own custom preparation that will give you the best option of comfort and sweat relief.

Botox® (Botulinum A) injections

Botox® (Botulinum A) injections


This involves placing the hands or feet in a tray filled with tap water that is attached to a machine that delivers low intensity electrical current.   The current affects the glands and disrupts the ducts to decrease sweating.   It is only used for the palms and soles.   Treatments take approximately 30 minutes and require maintanence of up to four times a week.   For this reason most people purchase a machine from the United States and treat themselves at home.

Oral Medications

There is no approved pill for the specific treatment of Hyperhidrosis.   There are some medications that can improve sweating but they will dry up all areas of the body such as the mouth, eyes and can have other side effects.   They are more often used for generalized Hyperhidrosis or as an additive to other treatments.


Endoscopic Thoracic Surgery or ETS as it is known can be used for treating palmar Hyperhidrosis.   It is a surgical procedure requiring general anesthesia where the nerves are cut or clipped that signal sweating.   There are many potential side effects with this surgery and up to 80% will get compensatory sweating.   This means that patients will start to have severe sweating in other areas of their body like large areas of the chest and back which are often worse than the hands were before the procedure.   It is for this reason that one should think carefully before opting for this aggressive hyperhidrosis treatment option.



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